Cake flavours

My main goal is to make not only beautiful novelty and individually designed cakes but also delicious ones. I like people to be not only impressed by the look of their cake but also enjoy every bite of it!

My delicious cakes come in a variety of flavours:razem_mikser

  • Moist Vanilla Madeira sponge,
  • Lemon zest sponge,
  • Orange sponge,
  • Almond sponge,
  • Light Chocolate sponge
  • Chocolate courgette cake (great & healthy option for chocolate lovers)
  • Coffee Sponge,
  • Carrot cake,
  • Lemon poppy seed,
  • Banana sponge,
  • Coconut sponge,
  • Eggless Chocolate cake,

Unfortunately I am not able to supply fresh cream or gluten free cakes at present.

Filling flavours:chocolate

  • Vanilla buttercream,
  • Chocolate buttercream,
  • Lemon buttercream,
  • Chocolate orange buttercream,
  • Coffee buttercream,
  • Chocolate ganache,
  • Creamy Coconut buttercream,
  • Whipped chocolate ganache
  • Whipped chocolate & Baileys ganache
  • Whipped white chocolate ganache
  • Whipped chocolate orange ganache
  • Creamy Toffee Swiss Merigue style Buttercream & Toffee sauce,
  • Vanilla Swiss Merigue style Buttercream,
  • Fresh Strawberries Swiss Merigue style Buttercream,
  • Chocolate Mint buttercream.

Please note: My cakes are made in premises in which nuts are used, every effort is taken to keep ingredients separate however cakes may contain traces of nuts or nut oil, therefore I cannot guarantee any cake I make to be completely nut free.